There’s a high chance that you have silver in various areas of your home. Whether you need cash or you simply want to clean out your home of things you no longer want and use, you have the ability to sell silver in New Haven, CT. This means you can round up all of your silver and bring it to a silver buyer with ease. Don’t want to make the trip? There are ways to get a kit online so you never have to make your way into NYC.


Sell Silver from Your Jewelry Box

This silver that you have in your jewelry box may be worth a lot more than you think. All you have to do is look through your jewelry box and find silver. Sterling silver is worth a significant amount of money. Make sure you understand what the differences between silver and plated silver. Often times, there will be a small marketing within the jewelry, usually on the underside, that says whether it is electro-plated or not. Anything that is electroplated needs to be set aside as it will not be of value.

Think about all of the type of jewelry you have in your jewelry box. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and various other jewelry that are made of silver can be sold. It does not matter if your jewelry is tarnished or in you have a broken chain. All of the silver that you want to sell is based upon weight. 

If you have jewelry that you are no longer wearing, you might as well sell it. You can sell silver  and make a significant amount of money. You can then take the money that you earn and buy yourself new jewelry that you will wear or use the money for anything else – paying bills, taking a vacation, or simply putting gas in your car. Buyers don’t care what you are using the money for, which makes a convenient way to earn extra cash.


Sell Silver in New Haven from Anywhere in Your House

Jewelry is the only type of silver that you can sell. When you want to sell silver in New Haven, CT, you may as well go and check your entire house for silver. This way you can settle all of your silver at one time – and earn yourself a considerable payday.

Silver may be found all throughout your home. You may have figurines and collectibles made of silver. You may have bullions or coins made of silver that have a significant melt value. You may even have flatware and other items within your kitchen that are made from silver – and these all have value if you choose to sell them.

Silver has a value that has been going up steadily over the past several years. If you are not using the silver in your home and you want some cash, and sell silver in New Haven, CT quicker than you may have realized. It doesn’t matter what kind of silver you have as it is all dependent upon the weight. As long as it is solid silver, it can be sold and you can be paid in cash.

When you decide to sell , it is important to find the right buyer – and the right buyer for you may be Diamond District Buyers out of NYC.