If you are in need of a pawn loan and not looking to sell your gold or other valuable jewelry like a Rolex watch, coin, diamond engagement ring, or anything else of value, then you can inquire about our pawn loan services in the NYC area. We will be happy to hold on to your valuable item and give you a cash loan right away. You can then use that money for whatever needs you have at the moment. We lock all the items that we have as collateral for pawn loans in a secured room until you return to pick them up. All you have to do is repay the loan with a very low amount of interest and we’ll give you back the item. Most pawn loans last about 4 months, and you can repay the loan at any point within that time. These are also very flexible loans as we can work with you to ensure you don’t lose the item if you don’t have all the money right away.


We have the lowest rates for pawn shops in the area.  We’ve been giving pawn loans for many years and we know that we’ll make much more money by getting lots of customers at lower interest rates than we would trying to get more money out of just a few customers.  With that in mind, we keep our interest rates as low as possible. Many people think that pawn loans are similar to cash advances, but that’s actually not the case.  Sine cash advances are unsecured they have to charge incredibly high rates of interest to protect themselves against people who don’t pay.   A pawn loan, on the other hand, is made with collateral.  If you’re unable to pay the loan then we’ll just convert it from a pawn to a purchase and we can get our money back from selling the item you brought in. Of course, that’s only done as a last resort, or at the request of the customer, but it is nice for both the customer and us to have that option when it is is necessary.


Our office is safe, secure, protected and insured. That means when you bring in something valuable of yours as collateral for a pawn loan, you don’t have to worry about it. We use state of the art security systems and work card to keep everything in our store as safe as possible. We know that without the trust of our customers, we have nothing and we take that responsibility seriously. We pawn the following

items, gold, diamonds, watches, coins, jewelry, antique and estate jewelry and any other jewelry of value. If you’ve got something of value that is not listed here you can always give us a call and see if we take it. We want to be able to help you out, and if it’s possible we’ll take your item as a pawn today. Times have certainly changed over the last century but pawn loans for items and jewelry of value have always been

available to help people come up with cash in troubled times. If you are in need of a loan and have any item of value give us a call for a free quote, we pawn, buy and sell jewelry all day every day. We will work hard to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your pawn loan. We know that our customers could turn to payday loan companies or other places for their emergency cash needs, but we want them to feel comfortable

coming to us first. We offer a variety of benefits including the fact that we don’t need to check credit scores and in the event that you can’t pay the loan you won’t have to worry about credit agencies coming after you. We want to be your partner in this area and we look forward to working with you again and again.