Sell Silver in NYC – Silver Flatware & Silver Coins in NY

If you are aware of the skyrocketing price of gold you will also know that silver has gone up a lot in value as well. If you are looking to sell silver for some cash then you found the right place. We buy all kinds of silver from silver jewelry, silverware, silver flatware, silver bullion’s, sterling silver and any other kind of silver we may have not mentioned. We offer several convenient ways to sell silver for the most cash.  We work hard to be as convenient as possible to every one of our customers.

How to Sell Us Your Silver in NYC

You can bring your silver in to our NYC Location where we weigh and test the silver in front of you and give you a cash payout. We’ve got all the best equipment so we can get an extremely accurate measurement both on the purity of your silver, and the amount of it you have.  Many of our competitors are working with old or outdated equipment which means they can’t pay as much for your silver as us.
If you are not in the NYC area but still want to take advantage of our prices then you can use our mail silver online kit where you will get the same price as if you came into our silver refinery store in NYC. Our mail in service is still quite fast, and will get you more money than you could get from any local shop you may have in the area.  Since New York is one of the biggest silver markets in the country it is clear that we’ll be able to pay more than anyone else.
Some people may worry that sending silver in the mail might not be secure, and it could be stolen in transit.  Fortunately, we’ve been doing this for years and have a system in place that keeps both your silver and our business nice and safe.  TO start with, we pay all the shipping and insurance costs so you don’t have to worry about that.  The insurance we use on every envelop will cover the cost of any lost or stolen silver so you don’t need to worry about that at all.  In the extremely unlikely event that the envelop goes missing, you’ll still get your money!

Advantages of Working with
DD Buyers

We strive to be the best silver buyer in NYC and the world for that matter, its our customers who make possible our great reputation as the number one premium silver buyer in the world.  IN order to become a top silver buyer we have worked hard to ensure that every one of our customers is entirely satisfied with every transaction.
We know that when a customer is happy with our prices and services, they will be far more likely to return again and again whenever they have silver, or another precious metal, to sell.  These repeat customers show us that we’re doing our jobs right and we’re helping them get what they need.
One of the main things we do in order to keep our customers happy is to consistently offer them the highest possible prices for their silver.  The way we determine our prices starts by looking at the open silver market.  This price goes up and down regularly (though in recent years it has mostly gone up!).  Once we know the price of silver for the day, we also compare our prices to those of our competitors.  We want to be entirely sure that we’re always offering top dollar to our customers.   If you ever find a higher paying place, just let us know and we’ll do all we can to beat their prices on the spot!