Sell Gold Watch NYC


Sell Gold Watch NYC

You might be in the market sell a gold watch in NYC. You can sell your watch to anyone. Pawnshops, jewelry stores, and various other places will certainly by your watch. However, you have to be cautious about selling it to the right people. If you sell it to the wrong people, they will be making more on the watch than you did – and this is not fair to you.

Sell a Gold Watch in NYC Based on Brand

Sell a Gold Watch in NYC Based on BrandThere are going to be some places that will tell you that the only way to sell a gold watch in NYC is to sell it based on weight. They will dump your watch on to a scale and pay you what the going rate for gold is. While you may make a few hundred dollars, you have the potential of making a few thousand dollars if you sell your watch based on the brand instead.

Especially when you have a luxury brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari, IWC and various others, you will want to find a reputable buyer that will by your watch based upon the brand and resell it as opposed to selling it based on weight with the intention of melting it down.

If you have a luxury brand, you can use this to your benefit to sell a gold watch in NYC for a significant amount of money. Many of the top brands will result in thousands of dollars in your pocket – and you should simply not shortchange yourself by choosing a place that is going to set your watch on a scale.

Sell a Gold Watch in NYC to Reputable Watch Buyers

If you sell a gold watch in NYC to anyone other than a reputable watch buyer, you are not earning enough. This is because the company is ill-equipped at being able to provide you with the true value of your watch. They are likely going to shortchange you, do their research, and then make a considerable profit because they took advantage of you. This can be avoided simply by paying attention to who you are selling to.

A reputable watch buyer is going to know all about the different brands. When you sell a gold watch in NYC, they are going to know about all of the top brands. This will include such ones as Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, and much more. If a company is unfamiliar with these brands, it is not going to yield positive results for you.

At DD buyers, you can feel confident from the moment that you walk in the door. We will likely be able to know what brand your watches without even looking at the logo. We have years of experience with watches and understand the various models as well as which brands and models fetch the most amount of money on the market. There are even some gold watches that are in high demand because they are no longer being manufactured. With this kind of knowledge, we will be able to give you what your watch is truly worth.

We are the reputable watch buyers that you’ve been looking for. You can sell a gold watch in NYC to us and know that you are selling to the right people. We take the time to look at all of the details of your watch and provide you with a written agreement that we are buying it so that you have paperwork to go home with.

Where to sell gold

Where to sell gold

You are probably wondering what is the best way to sell your gold for the most cash, the second question is where to sell gold for the best price, that answer is very simple, its staring you in the face, DD Buyers offers the largest payout in the USA for all gold, silver, platinum and other jewelry such as watches and diamonds.

Where to sell gold

Where to sell gold

Over the past few years gold has soared in prices to record breaking highs. With tough economic times many people are turning to a metal that has been around for thousands of years and recognized as a currency since the dawn of time. That is GOLD and other precious metals. If you are selling any old gold jewelry that is broken, damaged or even tangled and mangled you are 100% going to make a profit.

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I walked into their office in the Diamond District and got a sweet pile of cash for some broken gold, thanks guys!

Chuck G

After I sent in my gold high school ring and some other miscellaneous gold chains and a broken bracelet I got a direct deposit for $849.98

Jenny M.

I walked into their office in the Diamond District and got a sweet pile of cash for some broken gold, thanks guys!

John Fredman