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The West Side of Manhattan is home to a number of jewelry and diamond sales organizations, and the area in the West 40s has become such a prominent hub of gem-related economic activity that New Yorkers have come to call it the Diamond District. It is in this area that you can find our shop, staffed with expert appraisers in both diamonds and all other manner of precious stones and metals.

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If you’re looking to sell gold on Diamond District, you can visit our store in Manhattan to conduct the transaction in person. However, if you’re not able to visit NYC, we can make the sales process easy for you. Simply contact us to receive an appraisal kit, with an included insured and prepaid envelope, and your items will soon be in the care of consummate professionals.

We Buy Gold Jewelry for More, to Include Items with Mounted Gems

We accept a number of items that other jewelry experts don’t, like necklaces, diamonds, and other items, and we’re often asked by our customers if there are types of jewelry we won’t accept. The answer is yes: as we can’t get any resale value for electroplated gold (the amount of gold contained in such items being too small), we won’t purchase it. Perhaps more obviously, we also don’t accept costume jewelry, as it has no actual material value.

That said, if you’re unsure about selling gold items in New York that you want to sell, feel free to request an appraisal regardless. There have been a number of instances where customers have sent us items in question and determined that, rather than being low-value trinkets, they were actually made of fine gold and other materials.


Get Cash for Your Engagement Ring (Backed by Expert Appraisal)

There are numerous cases like this in our industry. In fact, in recent years a jeweler in New Jersey appraised an item thought to be a simple sapphire ring with a limited value. It turned out that, upon inspection, the gem was a rare Kashmiri sapphire and was worth easily ten times what the owner had originally expected.

We should note that we’re accredited appraisers and offer our services free of charge to our customers. You can trust us to assess your valuables and to determine their fair market value. What’s more, that value is also what we’ll pay you in cash if you so desire.

We’re Top Gold Buyers in the Diamond District (Sell Jewelry Now)

So, if you’ve got gold, silver, platinum, or any gemstone of value, you can sell it to our Diamond District professionals today. We’ll give you a fair and impartial assessment of your item’s worth, and a price that you can accept in cash right this minute if you so choose. Our goal is to make the process easy and lucrative for you! Call us today.