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What to Look for in NYC Diamond Buyers

There are multiple reasons why you may choose to sell some of your diamonds. Perhaps you’re looking to unload an engagement ring that has unwanted memories attached to it; perhaps you’ve inherited diamonds as part of a deceased loved one’s estate and no longer have any need for them; perhaps you need some cash in a hurry to pay bills or cover unforeseen expenses. Whatever the case may be, it’s imperative that you have an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable diamond buyer to turn to. DD Buyer’s is the Diamond District’s premier diamond purchasing partner. Contact us today at 646-736-7321 to get top dollar for your diamonds.

Attributes of A Quality Diamond Buyer

The reality is that not all diamond buyers NYC can offer the knowledge, expertise, tools or, frankly, the honesty you deserve when selling your diamonds. DD Buyers has over 20 years of experience serving customers in the NYC area, and has built a well-earned legacy of dependability, expertise and fairness. The first and most important attribute of a quality diamond buyer is knowledge. There are many different types of diamonds out there, including Round, Brilliant, Marquise, Pear, Princess and more. DD Buyers understands that our prospective clients have a variety of options to choose from when selling their diamonds, and that they may be wondering what sets us apart from other businesses in the area.

Experience and Resources Matter

The second hallmark of quality diamond buyer is the right equipment. DD Buyers has state-of-the-art tools to assess the value of your diamond based on size, cut, weight, clarity and more. These tools enable us to get the clearest and most accurate value for your diamond so you can get the best offer. Another important element of a quality and reputable diamond buyer is experience. You want someone who has a solid of reputation, understands the different types of diamond jewelry on the market and with ties to the community in which they operate. DD Buyers offers a convenient and free appraisal process that can be completed either in person or through secured and insured mail.

Sell Your Diamonds to DD Buyers Today

If you’re looking to sell your diamonds in NYC, you have no better option that DD Buyers. We offer the experience, tools, integrity and insights to help you get the most for your diamond necklace, ring, bracelet or other item. Whether you have a flawed or perfect diamond to sell, we’re ready to help you get the most for it. Call DD Buyers today at 646-736-7321 to schedule your free appraisal.