Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds

How to Sell Diamonds in New York City

Finding a reputable and trustworthy place to sell diamonds in New York City can be more difficult than it seems. Diamond sellers rarely have any idea of the value of their items and less reputable diamond buyers routinely take advantage of this lack of education. If you’re looking to sell diamonds in New York City or surrounding areas, it’s critical that you do your research and partner with an experienced and trustworthy purveyor. DD Buyers has been the most trusted and established buyer in Manhattan’s diamond district for over 20 years, and we pay top-dollar for your diamond jewelry. Call us today at 646-736-7321.

How Do I Determine the Value of My Diamonds?

When it comes time to sell diamonds, knowledge is power. Understanding the factors that determine the value of your diamonds can keep you from getting lowballed by a dishonest broker. There are multiple factors that determine the value of diamonds, including but not limited to size, cut, clarity, condition and more. Clarity categories range from flawless to imperfect. Flawless diamonds will bring in significantly higher prices than imperfect ones, but the fact is that just about every diamond you have ever seen still has value. DD Buyers has the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment to help you determine the value of your diamond and give you the best possible offer. DD Buyers buys all types of diamonds, including but not limited to: engagement rings, diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, rare diamonds, melee diamonds, small diamonds, large diamonds over 4ct., rare exotic gems and more.

The Diamond Appraisal Process

The process of selling your diamonds to DD Buyers begins with identifying what type of diamond your diamonds you have, whether it’s a Round, Brilliant, Marquise, Pear, Princess or anything else. You can reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable diamond purchasing experts via telephone, in person or even send your diamonds through secured mail to initiate the process. We recognize that customers may be nervous about sending their diamonds through the mail for appraisal and we offer insured envelopes to give you assurance and peace of mind. Once we determine the size and cut of your diamond through appraisal process, we will make you the highest possible offer.

The DD Buyers Difference

The most important of knowing how to sell your diamonds on Diamond District is determining which vendors are equipped to give you the best possible price for your items. DD Buyers has over 20 years of experience, are certified precious-metals and gemstone experts and offer the latest tools to help you. Call us today at 646-736-7321.