Sell Silver for Cash Fast

Anyone interested in getting cash for silver will want to consider Diamond District Buyers to handle the transaction.  They have been buying all types of silver for years, and are here to help you ensure everything goes smoothly.   If you’re in the New York area, you can stop in to sell silver in NYC coins, or any other type of silver, quickly and easily.  In addition, we offer the best prices on all types, whether you want to sell silver jewelry or silverware, we’re here for you.

How Fast Can You Sell Silver

No matter what type of silver you’re looking to sell, we’re able to buy it from you much more quickly than other places.  This is because we’ve been in this business for years and we know how to evaluate the value of any type of silver quickly and accurately.  We know that when you sell sterling silver, for example, it is going to be different than when you sell silverware.   This experience will help us cut through any red tape and get you a fair offer within minutes of walking in many times.

We’ll test the purity of your silver right on site and weigh it to determine the total value of what you have.  This is a simple way to sell silver when you don’t have anything out of the ordinary.  Things like silver coins bought for investments or even bars of silver are very easy to get a price on.

Selling Out of the Ordinary Silver

We take into account much more than just the amount and purity of the silver when we make you an offer. IF, for example, you’re looking to sell silver jewelry, we will take into account the whole piece of jewelry rather than just the silver that it is made from.  In some cases like simple necklaces or rings it is only made from silver, but in others it might have a gemstone, diamond or something else of value.  We’ll take all that into account when making you an offer.

In addition, if the piece is in good shape, and is still in style we might be able to give you even more money for it since we could turn around and resell the piece without any changes.  Regardless of what type of jewelry you have we’re more than happy to take a look at it and give you a great offer.

Other things like silver coins can also have additional value on top of the silver they are made from.  If, for example, you have a silver coin from the 1700’s it might have some historical or collectable value.  We’ll work hard to figure out exactly what it is worth and give you as much money as possible for the item.  We do this because we know that if we treat our customers fairly we’ll be more likely to have them return again and again with more items they want to sell.  So, no matter what types of silver you have, bring them in for a free Diamond District Buyers appraisal today!