What we do with Jewelry

As one of the leading Passaic Country Diamond District jewelry buyers, we help people by buying their jewelry almost every day. In most cases, our customers come in to sell their jewelry quickly and leave with the cash in hand. Some people, however, are curious about what we do with all the jewelry that we buy. No, we don’t give it all to our wives (much to their dismay).
The fact is, there are many different things that we do with the jewelry once we purchase it. It depends on a number of different factors that we evaluate based on the specific situation. The following are some of the most common things that are done with the jewelry that we purchase from our customers.

Options for Jewelry

If you sell jewelry in NYC to us, the chances are quite good that one of the following things will happy to the jewelry that you sold to us. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but for the vast majority of items we purchase, this is the case:
• We Resell it – If you sell us a nice piece of jewelry that is in good shape and in demand, we will clean it up and resell it to another customer. This is often a great opportunity for someone to get a piece of jewelry that they will love, while still saving money compared to buying from a new jewelry store.
• Fix it & Sell it – Some jewelry that we buy is broken or damaged. Our jewelry experts may be able to fix it up so that we can resell it to a customer. Of course, we only sell top quality jewelry here so it has to be fixed properly before we put it up for sale.
• Auction it off – Occasionally we will get an extremely valuable item into our shop. If it is not something we think we can sell to a typical customer, we will have it listed in a jewelry auction. These auctions happen around the country and throughout the year and they are a great way to sell high end jewelry.
• Sell for Materials – For jewelry that is not in style or is severely damaged, we can sell it to another company as scrap. Given the fact that gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals and stones are very valuable right now, we can pay top dollar for jewelry and still turn a profit by selling it as scrap in many cases.
These are the most common things that happen to jewelry that we buy here in our shop. To the extent possible, we try to resell it first because that is the easiest and best way to stay in business. Having these additional options, however, has made it so we can buy much more jewelry from our customers, and always pay top dollar for each item. Jewelry isn’t the only thing we buy, however. We also buy coins, watches, antiques and other things of value. If you have anything you would like to sell, make sure you contact us to work out all the details and see how much you can make today.