Five Things to Avoid when Selling Jewelry

When you sell jewelry in Bergen County, it’s important to be intelligent and aware of where you try to sell it. Time and time again I hear people tell me stories where they tried to sell online only to be ripped off by the buyer or the online company that acts an escrow to the transaction. Others have gone into strange locations and dealt with sketchy individuals – not a way one should conduct business. I decided to come up with a list of mistakes people often make when they sell their gold and other jewelry in Bergen County.

Five Mistakes People Make when Selling Jewelry

1. Sell to mall kiosks: Every time you go to the mall, you run into those small kiosk’s in the walkways, where they have huge signs where they say they pay top dollar for you gold. They are at the malls because enough people sell their gold to them, even though it can be one of the most the painful experiences they’ve ever gone through. They will give you pennies on the dollar while having no idea what they’re talking about. The idea of a mall kiosk is to be cost friendly and operators of these kiosks follow similar strategies for their hiring practices, meaning many of their employee’s are underpaid workers who have no idea about jewelry.

2. Sell jewelry on Diamond District: while the Internet can be a good platform for buying and selling certain products and services, jewelry is not one of them. There are plenty of snakes in the jewelry business, but instead of having to deal with one or two in your hometown, you have nearly every one around the world waiting to rip you off on the Internet. In addition, escrow’s such as eBay or PayPal are not fans of such transactions and rarely help you resolve it if you got ripped off.

3. Don’t undervalue your jewelry: One of the most common mistakes people are making is going in expecting only $50 or $100 for jewelry they can easily get double for. Regardless of where you go, know what you have and what its worth it. If you are unsure, check our next step!

4. Always use an expert: The best thing about pawnshops is that they are experts. They know what they are looking at regardless of what is brought in, as they deal with many more customers and much more jewelry than other locations in Bergen country. The one thing you can be assured of is you won’t be ripped off. Regardless of the selling median, always have an expert appraise your jewelry before you go off and sell it.

5. Don’t rush your decision: It’s important not to rush a decision. Even if you are in a rush for some extra cash, a few minutes of extra thinking can save you a lot of headaches. Pawnshops go through so much more legal supervision than many other stores, causing them to be much more truthful and honest in deals. As long as you take your time and avoid the obviously dangerous platforms, you will not have a problem selling your jewelry in Bergen County.