How long does it take to get Cash for Gold

When people need money fast, they have quite a few different options available to them. Some of the options, such as payday loans, really only delay the financial problem and actually make it worse. Selling gold on Diamond District, on the other hand, is an excellent way to truly solve some of your financial difficulties. The big question people often have then is about how long it will take to get the cash for gold in Westfield , NJ.
The answer to that questions will largely depend on how you choose to sell your gold. If you try to go to a normal jewelry store, for example, it can take weeks (if you’re lucky enough to have them buy it at all). If you’re selling gold online, you can sell it in a day or two, but it often takes several more days for the money to clear. This leaves the best option, which is finding good Westfield gold buyers to help you out. There are many different stores here in Westfield, NJ that will buy your gold. The trick is to find the one that will buy it fast, and still pay you the best possible price.

What makes DD Buyers better

The big question for many people is what makes DDBueyrs better than the competition in the area. The fact is, we have many things that really help to set us apart. The following are just a few of the many different advantages we offer to our customers:
• Fast Buying – When you come into our shop, we will greet you right away and get right down to business. In many cases we can analyze your gold right on the spot, and make you a fast offer. If you like the offer, we’ll pay you cash so you can be on your way, often in under an hour.
• Gold Experts – All of our employees are trained in how to work with gold, so they can quickly test to see if it is pure, and determine how much it is worth. This helps to avoid wasting your time when you’re looking to sell your gold.
• Paying top Dollar – We’ve always worked hard to pay our customers top dollar when they come in to get cash for gold. We do this by not only keeping a close eye on the market value, but also factoring in any extra information about your piece. If your gold has historical value, or is part of a beautiful piece of jewelry, we can often pay more than just its weight in gold.
• Buying all types of Gold – Another thing that really helps to set us apart is the fact that we buy all types of gold. This includes gold jewelry, gold watches, gold coins and even gold bars. If it is gold, we will be happy to buy it from you right away.

Contact Us

If you’re looking for the best place to get cash for gold in Westfield, NJ, look no further than DDBuyers. You can come into our office located conveniently at 55 West 47th St, New York, NY 10036, or give us a call at 646-736-7321 to speak with one of our experienced gold buyers.