Sell Silver Bridgeport

How long has it been since you took a vacation? Vacations are important for you to be able to restore your body, mind and spirit from the everyday stress of the world. If a dream vacation is on your bucket list but you don’t have the money to take it, you may want to consider the silver that you have in your home. You can sell silver in Bridgeport, CT to the right buyer and make a considerable amount of money in the process.


Don’t Sell Silver in Bridgeport for a Credit

Lots of buyers throughout Connecticut want to give you a credit. This means that a jeweler will buy your silver jewelry or other silver and provide you with a credit to buy what you want in the store. You may hear the amount of the credit and be impressed, taking it before you have time to realize that you don’t want a credit – you want the cash.

The reason that credit is higher is because the buyer has figured out a way for you to spend the entire amount of the silver purchase within their four walls. You aren’t profiting. You are simply handing over all of your valuable silver and they are giving you merchandise in return. And they are only giving you merchandise if you can find something you like.

When you sell silver in Bridgeport, CT, the worst thing you can do is sell for credit. To avoid making this kind of mistake, you can call to buyers throughout the area and find out how they pay you for silver. If anyone says that they will give you a store credit, cross them off the list. No matter how much credit they give you, it’s not worth it. A store credit at a jewelry store is not going to buy you the dream vacation you have always wanted to take.


Sell Silver in Bridgeport for Cash

One of the easiest ways to sell silver in Bridgeport, CT is for cash. However, not everyone is willing to pay you in cash – especially if you are selling a lot. You have to understand how silver is paid out. It is based upon the current daily rate for the troy ounce, which is just over one ounce. If you have 10 ounces of silver, then you are paid at the daily rate times 10. No buyer should be taking out a commission for buying silver from you.

If you have significant amounts of silver – flatware, decorative housewares, broken jewelry, bracelets, or anything else, you will have a lot of money owed to you when you sell silver in Bridgeport. The most common problem that you will run into is that a buyer doesn’t have the market to sell the silver and therefore they won’t be able to pay you in cash – or they won’t be able to buy the silver from you at all.

This means that you have to sell to someone who has access to the silver market. Diamond District Gold Buyers is located in NYC and has the ability to pay you in cash for any amount that you want to sell. Best of all, there are two ways to be able to sell silver in Bridgeport, CT. You can choose to go into NYC and sell the silver in person or you can do a mail-order. There are online kits for you to fill out. When the silver is received, you are paid out just as if you were coming in on your own. A check is mailed to you and then you can use it for the vacation you have always wanted to take.